Monday, August 17, 2015

My Testimony

Through The Door
By Rebekah L. Perkins

From when I was young I've always known what was true,
Each one of us is inherently sinful, there's nothing we can do,
I've always understood that my sins stood in the way,
Making it impossible for me to live with God day by day.

I knew I didn't want to be separated from the Lord,
I knew that after death, judgement would ensue as written in His word,
I knew that my sins were holding me back,
And only the blood of Jesus' sacrifice, would get me on track.

I'd heard my whole life that all I needed to do was believe,
That by simply trusting Him, I'd life everlasting receive,
And so I tried and tried, but I knew I was still in my sin,
No matter how many times I tried, it was a battle I never could win.

I knew I could do nothing, I have to give up trying,
With every passing day, my soul was closer to dying,
The night I finally realized this is one I'll never forget,
Understanding the fragility of my soul brought so much fear with it.

I'd heard the gospel message many times over my 14 years,
But on that night it was like a new story to my listening ears,
It was the same familiar story, ever tried and true,
But with every spoken word, my heart heard something new.

The preacher that night went over the Passover and what it meant,
Made parallels of how our own time of preparation was nearly spent,
The blood has already been spilt, all is prepared,
All that needed is to go through the door, and be spared.

In that moment I realized for the first time that all the work was done,
And all I needed to do was into His open arms run!
With a joyful heart, knowing I didn't have to try anymore,
This once broken sinner, ran through salvation's door.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Fix My Eyes

Fix My Eyes

By Rebekah L. Perkins

Oh how easily I become distracted from you!
How often my eyes are pulled from what is good and true,
My gaze is unsteady, constantly falling from your face,
But always you lead me back, in your grace.

I grow weary so easily, I constantly fall,
I take one step, only to stumble and be back to a crawl,
I falter, I wander, it's not always you that I seek,
On my own I am nothing -- I am too weak!

So many distractions from every direction,
But does any of it really measure up to your perfection?
A reflection of you is all I wish to be,
So let all else dim until it is only you I can see.

Monday, September 22, 2014

All Those Little Pieces

By Rebekah L. Perkins

It really is a myth that pain is always terrible,
Sure it breaks your heart - but it's also what makes life bearable,
It has to mean something - that your heart can still have feeling,
The pain is a sort of promise, that this world will keep on reeling.

All the broken pieces, that used to be your heart,
A peculiar type of courage and strength seem to impart,
Each day you'll pick up a few scattered pieces, and carefully paste them together,
And the finished result is going to be different - this has changed you forever.

There will be pieces that are missing, parts of you that are lost,
The joy you had before, came with a mighty cost,
Yet as you behold the fresh shape your heart has taken on,
It will almost seem natural that those pieces are now gone.

So don't run away from the pain, embrace it with all that you've got,
And as the emotions wash over you, enjoy this little thought:
The changes in your life, bring promises of something new,
And if you let it - this pain will build a better you.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Lost Key

The Lost Key
By Rebekah L. Perkins

There are things that I hold within my heart,
Things I want to say, but don't know where to start,
Things that are important, things you should know,
But things that I can't easily to you show.

There are things I want to know, things that you hold,
Things that I probably really should be told,
But you are hindered by the same that hinders me,
So we're trapped in this dungeon with no known key.

Neither of us say it, though both of us know,
Both of us know it, but neither can show,
These things which need spoken are filed away in our hearts,
Neither able to venture a guess with what number the combination starts.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Forever Friends...

Forever Friends
By Rebekah Perkins

I remember all these things about you, 
All these things we used to do,
All the memories we created together,
Our vows to be best friends, forever.

Late nights spent whispering secret things,
Talking about life, playing on those old swings,
That day when you suddenly said "You inspire me"
And I was so surprised I could only stare blankly.

I remember the way we'd watch the sunrise,
And when we tried to describe eachother's eyes...
Listening to music, walking your dog,
Agreeing that there was something distinctly majestic about fog.

I remember all our grand plans for our futures,
Imagining eachother's suitors...
I would marry one brother,
And you would marry the other.

It's hard to know that in just one month, you will,
That's one dream of your's that life will fulfill...
I always thought I'd be standing beside you on that day,
After all, that's what we always used to say.

We'd always promised to be one another's bridesmaid, 
But as our comrade began to fade...
I knew that that day would never come, 
We'd both have to find a new someone.

I wonder what exactly happened to we who were inseparable,
The void between us came so gradual,
Neither one of us noticed until it was there,
And now across that void I sadly stare.

No longer do we share eachother's secrets and dreams,
Our lives have gone down very different paths, it seems...
But even without our formerly strong friendship,
Love for you in my heart still holds a firm grip.

You cross my mind often, my friend,
And though the season of our lives together has come to an end,
No matter what time does to pull us apart...
You'll always hold a special place in my heart.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

One Book

Where It Started
By Rebekah Perkins

There was something magical about that night,
Hid underneath the covers with a book and a flashlight,
Taking in every word, filled with anticipation and worry,
My being completely in the story.

I was captivated by that olden age,
'Til at last, I turned that last page, 
And with a sigh shut that book,
All previous dreams I then forsook.

That book had captured my mind, my soul,
And through it into my heart a single thought stole:
Could I pen such words to capture?
Could I inspire such marvelous rapture?

Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Kings Daughter

A Kings Daughter
By Rebekah Perkins

The magnificent glories of the setting sun,
A bright reflections on the water below,
The symbol that the day is done,
It seems a bit of heaven's wonders to show.

A reminder of a Son and King above the sky,
And how I am His daughter,
And should be a reflections of Him most high,
 Like the sun upon the water.

A reflections of His mercy and love,
Of His saving grace and power,
Teach me to be like Him above,
Like a sweet and fragrant flower.

So like the sun upon the water,
And like the Son who lives most high,
Let Him shine through me His daughter,
As the water reflects the sun in the sky.